Henning Tanfoglio Large Frame Base Pad – Black


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Henning Extend your Tanfoglio / EAA Large Frame magazines with our USPSA Limited length legal magazine extension kits.

They recommend adding the Grams Follower Kit for these calibers:
• 9mm From 17 rounds to 23 rounds
• 38 Super From 17 rounds to 23 rounds
• 40S&W From 15 rounds to 20 rounds
• 10MM  From 14 rounds to 19 rounds

For 45 ACP you will use the factory follower and spring.
To ensure the factory follower does not get stuck, take a file and round the front top of the follower so that is more rounded. There are no aftermarket follower/spring options for 45 ACP. Using the factory follower you will get 12 + 1 capacity !



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