GoGun Opp Wing Gas Pedal® for Glock 19/23


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The GoGun Opp Wing® for Glock Pistols is the fastest, easiest way to shoot your Self Defense and/or your Every Day Carry pistol. The Opp Wing Gas Pedal attaches to the Picatinny Rail on your Glock and features a lower picatinny rail for mounting additional accessories. PLEASE Read the entire page before ordering.

• Easier self defense for everybody
• Ultimate Gender Equality
• Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate high power shots much easier. EVEN in high stress situations.
• Fits recent Glock 19 and 23 (Gen 3,4,5) and most Glocks with Picatinny Rail
• Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands • Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk
• Over 10,000 in field for previous pistol models with over the top rave reviews from shooters and not a single failure to function
• Fits many holsters and virtually all with minor mod
• No Gunsmithing Easy to attach to Picatinny Rail
• Opposable Grip Concept proven in Racing having dominated National and World Championships. Now also proven by SWAT teams for carry gun.
• No Snag design
• Contoured to ergonomically position thumb. Does not interfered with Take down.
• Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.
• This model made with advanced tech very strong 3D printing. Not your older brothers 3D printing
• Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand
100% Made in USA, Designed GoGun® USA with help from Armory Source and ECM guns.

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GoGun Gas Pedal for Glock – Left Handed, GoGun Gas Pedal for Glock – Right Handed