GoGun OE Gas Pedal CZ/Tanfoglio Thumb Assist


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We had the team at GoGun® USA do a special run of the Gunsmith Edition Opposable Extreme Gas Pedal for the CZ/Tanfoglio style pistols. This OE Gas Pedal has no flange on the back side of the base giving you the ability to install the Gas Pedal flat up against the frame or scope mount on your CZ or Tanfoglio. Can also be used on a 1911/2011 Limited pistol just by adding a shim between the Gas Pedal and the frame.

The OE Gas Pedal also comes with no mounting holes giving your gunsmith the ability to custom install your Gas Pedal to accommodate your shooting style. Supplied with 8 screws, 4 x 5-40 screws and 4 x M4-0.7 x 12mm screws. Gunsmith installation is recommended.

• Material: Aircraft aluminum CNC billet
• Dimensions: 3.15″ x .98″ x .97″
• Weight: 0.749 oz. with out the screws
• Finish: Machined aluminum finish
• US Patent Number D658,263.