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Even Faster than the Racer Cut version. From the guys that started the opposable grip, Fastest Way to Shoot, Proven. This is the new Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme Aluminum. It is intended for sports competition shooters. Intended for over the scope mount installation. Gas Pedal® introduced the world to opposable grip and is still the best one available. Refined over 20 years, including price reduction due to improved technology. BattleTuffTM for life warranty, CNC made from billet aluminum. Thousands in the field with NEVER a failure. Actually no GoGun® metal part has ever failed, Never/ From Brakes, Shotgun parts, to pistol accessories, failure is not an option. Negligible weight.

What’s the difference between Racer Cut and Opposable Extreme? Both utilize the patented pedal and wing design that gives 4 axis control, (flip, straight back impulse, windage, and bore axis rotation. ) The opposable extreme model angles the pedal slightly towards the bore to encourage the proper vector of thumb force, namely towards the bore, not just down like the copycats. Automatic windage control is enhanced. The pedal, with new 3d machined groves, makes the thumb slide to wing faster. The radius size between pedal and wing has been increased to allow more thumb contact and better proprioception. Cosmetics are slightly different and weight is negligibly reduced by .1 oz. Both work great and its really a matter of personal preference.

3.15″x .98″ x .97″. US Patent Number D658,263. Supplied with special screws. Gunsmith installation recommended.

*Note: This item is Not Eligible for discounts or dealer pricing.

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GoGun Opposable Extreme Assist – Aluminum, GoGun Opposable Extreme Assist – Black, GoGun Opposable Extreme Assist – Red, GoGun Opposable Extreme Limited – Aluminum, GoGun Opposable Extreme Limited – Matte Black


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