Extreme Shooters Tactical Stipple Grip


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This is Extreme Shooters newest and by far the most aggressive texture in their line of STI 2011, EVER! Highlights include a full reduction, custom stipple scaling texture and a double undercut trigger guard. Perfect for medium to small hands with an incredible anti-slip textured feel.

The “Extra Small” grip has a reduce mainspring housing for the smallest size possible. This grip is perfect if you need just a bit more reduction for an overall smaller diameter grip.

This Extreme Shooters custom hand textured grip will fit most 2011 STI models including the new 2020 Staccato line (see * below ). Including DVC-C, DVC-P, DVC-L, DVC-3, DVC-O, and DVC-S, DVC Omni, DVC Open, DVC Limited, DVC Carry, DVC Limited Island, Staccato-P, Apeiro, Tactical 4.0, Edge, HEX, Eagle, HOST, Marauder, HAWK 5.0, Grand Master, Steel Master and the infamous Combat Master.

*Please note with the new Staccato line of 2020 STI Frame, a 2011 non-Sticcato Gen 1 magazine catch is required if upgrading to an Extreme Shooters textured grip.

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Extreme Shooters Tactical Grip – Extra Small, Extreme Shooters Tactical Grip – Regular