Extreme Shooters Tactical Stipple Grip


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This is Extreme Shooters newest and by far the most aggressive texture in their line of STI 2011, EVER! Highlights include a full reduction, custom stipple scaling texture and a double undercut trigger guard. Perfect for medium to small hands with an incredible anti-slip textured feel.

The “Extra Small” grip has a reduce mainspring housing for the smallest size possible. This grip is perfect if you need just a bit more reduction for an overall smaller diameter grip.

This Extreme Shooters custom hand textured grip will fit most 2011 STI models including the new 2020 Staccato line (see * below ). Including DVC-C, DVC-P, DVC-L, DVC-3, DVC-O, and DVC-S, DVC Omni, DVC Open, DVC Limited, DVC Carry, DVC Limited Island, Staccato-P, Apeiro, Tactical 4.0, Edge, HEX, Eagle, HOST, Marauder, HAWK 5.0, Grand Master, Steel Master and the infamous Combat Master.

*Please note with the new Staccato 2020 STI Frame, a STI Gen 1 mag catch is required if upgrading to an Extreme Shooters textured grip. See Gen 1 mag catch option for each product.  The G2 mag catch on the new Staccato grips WILL NOT WORK.  Please DO NOT attempt to file, fit or modify any G2 mag catch or you will ruin the grip rendering it useless and non-refundable. 

We always recommend a professional Gunsmith to fit your grip.  Once a grip is filed, fit or otherwise modified to your frame it becomes non-refundable.  Always check for manufactured defects before fitting.  Any factory workmanship errors will be corrected.  However, we are not responsible for any modifications made during fitting.

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Extreme Shooters Tactical Grip – Extra Small, Extreme Shooters Tactical Grip – Regular