EGW 7 Port Compensator – Hybrid


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EGW 7 Port Compensator start with a pre-hardened stress-proof comp blank. Using a carbide ball endmill, we machine the various port configurations into the comp. CNC comp back ports are at a 10 degree angle to control muzzle flip. Side ports make the gun feel plusher and track straighter for improved control while firing.

Hybrid Compensator is for use with hybrid or bull barrels that are threaded 1/2-inch beyond the slide. They also require a reverse plug because there is no bushing to hold the recoil spring.

• Machined from: Heat-treated stress-proof Carbon Steel
• For use with hybrid or bull barrels that are threaded ½” beyond the slide.
• Thread-Pitch: .11/16″ or .687 x 40


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