Cheely Custom XWF Frame – Heavy Open


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Cheely Custom Gunworks XWF Frame is available in 2 weights, Lite Open and Heavy Open. Lite Open matches the weight of a standard long dustcover frame. Heavy Open adds 2.5oz of weight to the dustcover.

For open guns, we machine a pocket for our scope mounts to nestle into, creating a unique clean look. Rear trigger pocket corners are blended together to match perfectly with the Cheely Custom metal grips. This version may be cut down to standard “classic” length, and then milled out to save weight if required.

• Extra wide, 1.1″ from the grip to the end of the dustcover.
• Clark Para or Wilson Nowlin ramp cut.
• Machined from 4140 carbon steel.

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Ramp Cut Option:

Cheely XWF Heavy Open Frame – Clark / Para, Cheely XWF Heavy Open Frame – Wilson / Nowlin


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