Cheely Custom E2 Smooth Stainless Grip Kit

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This Cheely Custom Gunworks E2 Smooth Stainless Steel Grip Kit comes with a Smooth finish and has a double undercut trigger guard for the 2011 (STI, Stacatto, SVI, SA Prodigy, etc…) pistols.

Includes grip, drilled and tapped mag release, choice of XL magwell, mainspring housing & “pinned” beavertail.

Beavertail does not have any safety function.

We recommend low profile magazine base pads with this grip (MBX, TTI, etc), depending on tolerances some very tall base pads may contact the magwell insert.

Difference between E2 and Legacy grips: The Legacy has a backstrap contour that is similar to the classic 1911/2011. The E2 backstrap is similar to that of the CZ or Tanfoglio style pistols. Other than that the grips are identical.

Grip Weight Comparison with mainspring housing:
Stainless E2: 12.8oz
Polymer: 2.8oz



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