CED Pro II Digital Scale


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The CED Pro II Digital Scale is a high precision, sleek trim line model has the latest in load cell technology, 1500 grain capacity, anti-static wind shield, and improved trickling capacity. Boasting a large backlit LCD display with touch screen selection, and AC/DC operation, the CED Pro II Digital Scale measures in six different modes, including: Grams (g), Grains (gn), Pennyweight (dwt), Carat (ct), Ounce (oz), & Troy Ounce (ozt). Accurate to 1/100 gram.

• Platform: 3.25″ Diameter (8cm)
• LCD Backlit display (on/off switch)
• ZERO Function
• MODE Function
• CALIBRATION w/ included 100g Calibration weight
• Attached Anti-Static Wind Shield
• Stainless Steel Powder Scoop
• Automatic shut off ensures long battery life
• Includes Alkaline AA batteries
• Universal 110-240V Adapter included
• 1 Year CED Warranty

Overall dimensions: 5.5″ x 6.75″ x 2.5″ (20cm x 17cm x 6.5cm)

Capacity (by weighing unit):
– Grams: 100 g
– Grains: 1543 gn
– Pennyweight: 64.3 dwt
– Carats: 500 ct
– Ounces: 3.52 oz
– Troy Ounce: 3.2 ozt

g (Grams): For general measuring

Gn (Grains): For measuring gun powder

dwt (Pennyweight): For measuring precious metals, gemstones, and black powder.

ct (Carat): for measuring gemstones

oz (Ounce): For general measuring

ozt (Troy Ounce): For general measuring

ACCURACY/RESOLUTION (by weighing unit)
– Grams: 0.01g
– Grains: 0.2 gn
– Pennyweight: 0.005 dwt
– Carats: 0.05 ct
– Ounces: 0.0005oz
– Troy Ounce: 0.0005 ozt


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