Atlas Gunworks Ambidexterous High Grip Thumb Safety


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Designed for improved ergonomics and for maximum weak hand contact with the grip. These safeties position your dominant hand’s thumb at a higher angle allowing for a higher grip with the weak hand, thus improving recoil control.  Precision machined from barstock in stainless steel only.

  • Paddle width in the center right-side 0.369in
  • Paddle width in the center left-side 0.270in
  • Cut from 17-4 barstock
  • Heat treated
  • Silver is unfinished stainless steel only
  • Improved Atlas ergonomic design
  • Ambidextrous designed for left-handed operation

*minor fitting for sear engagement will be required – recommended gunsmith fit

*rear blending may be be required for fit, will be required for proper aesthetics.  Level of blending will depend on firearm manufacturer, grip and frame. Installing on Alpha grips will require very minimal fitting.