Align Tactical HK VP9 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever


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The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER is compatible with all HK® VP9/VP40/SFP9® standard and long slide pistols (Not specifically designed for VP9SK® Sub-Compacts but is capable of installation). Hardened S7 tool steel part finished in Black Oxide. Approved for USPSA Production. Made in USA with lifetime warranty.

Master Recoil
The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand’s thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol reduces support hand slippage while providing an index point for a consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Swaps in seconds to offer maximum control and speed in Heckler & Koch® VP9® pistols for a competitive edge.

Secure Design
Complementing the VP9® compatible takedown lever is a thumb rest that extends 30 degrees forward of the center of rotation, directing applied pressure (counter clockwise) towards the over-travel stop to rigidly remain locked in place. When used in the opposite direction (clockwise) for disassembly, rotation is easy with a simple pinch and turn of the ledge.

Establishing a two-handed grip creates a naturally angled cant of one’s support hand thumb. Incorporating a secondary receiving slope of 15 degrees allows for evenly distributed thumb pressure and serves as a guide for settling into proper contact position (with the thumb print pressed flat onto the rest).

Balanced Approach
The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER protrudes less than 0.4 inches (10mm) from the grip module for a comfortably slim footprint that creates approximately half a thumb’s width of effective resistance area. Horizontal serrations offer excellent traction against recoiling muzzle rise without being abrasive. Perfectly sized with aesthetics to match.

USPSA Production Approved
“Are you ready?
” for clearing stages faster than ever with your HK® VP9®? Upgrade to the ultimate performance components for USPSA production* class and above.

*Per Section 21.6 – Exchange of minor EXTERNAL components, our takedown lever received USPSA NROI validation under the classification and definition of approved “pins” being comprised of a cylindrical shaft that traverses through the pistol to hold things together, such as the slide assembly to the lower.

**IDPA International body validated for ESP and Carry Optics Divisions