Aero Wings by Eric Grauffel


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The Aero Wings, designed by three time World IPSC Champion, Eric Grauffel, is the answer to fast retrievals of your Open class, C-more mounted pistol, from any flat surface.

Any serious competitor knows how important it is to be able to retrieve your pistol fast, grip it properly, and obtain your sight picture effectively. The Aero Wings are specially designed to improve the speed in which the pistol is lifted off any flat surface regardless of how it is positioned. You’ll be able to retrieve it faster, while obtaining a better grip, resulting in a smoother sight acquisition.

Perform like a Pro, with the help of The Aero Wings.

Designed to fit any C-More Red Dot Sight, The Aero Wings replace the battery cover on the sight. Made out of GF30 fiber reinforced Polymer.

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