Advance Dynamic Glock Tool-Light Armorer Tool


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The Advance Dynamic Glock Tool-Light (GTL) Armorers Tool is a perfect blend of form and function. With the Patent Pending magazine base remover and the integral takedown punch, it is an indispensable tool that allows GLOCK™ owners to strip their handgun with ease.

The GTL GLOCK Armorers Tool is specifically designed tools perfect for maintaining and disassembling GLOCK™ firearms. The Patent Pending magazine base remover quickly takes apart standard GLOCK™ magazines for cleaning and replacing worn springs and followers. A GLOCK™ takedown punch allows you to strip your GLOCK™ firearm frame and slide. This Armorers Tool will work with all generation GLOCK magazines.

• Patent Pending magazine base remover
• GLOCK™ takedown punch
• Cold beverage opener
• Weighting under 2oz


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