Taccom 18.5″ XLW Barrel for Ruger PC Carbine


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The TACCOM XtraLightWeight barrel and UltraLightWeight Carbon Fiber Handguard for the Ruger PC Carbine is a game changer!! Designed specifically for the USPSA and Steel Challenge competitor our barrel will remove at least 1.25 pounds from the from end of your rifle. We reduce the weight even more by using our ULW Carbon Fiber Handguard. It is possible with some PC Carbine models to be reduced by up to 2 pounds!! with our XLW barrel, you will swing faster and be smoother going from target to target.

Our barrel does not support take down, nor does it support any of the current hand guards offered for the Ruger PC Carbine. Comes attached with our UltraLightWeight Carbon Fiber Handguard that is one of the lightest and most affordable handguards on the market. The 1 5/8″ OD makes for a very comfortable hand hold and the 14″ length allows the shooter to grab and drive the weapon in a quick and controlled manner.

To use our barrel, you remove the factory trunnion block (use heat to remove the three screws) and transfer the bolt hold open parts to our trunnion. Then assemble into the factory receiver.


  • 18.5” Aluminum Shrouded barrel
  • 5.25” effective barrel 1:10 rifling
  • 14″ ULW Carbon Fiber Handguard
  • Lightweight 13.5oz trunnion block and Shrouded
  • 1lb. 4oz with ULW Carbon Fiber Handguard attached
  • Super feed barrel (no bolt modification required)
  • Replaces factory trunnion block


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