ZEV Tech Combat Sight Set
Product ID: ZT-SIGHT SET 215 FO



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ZEV Technologies Sight Set - .215 Fiber Optic Front Sight / Rear Combat v3 Black

One of the most requested upgrades for a GlockĀ®; is replacement sights; if you cant see it you cant hit it. At ZEV we strive to create the best quality sights for most GlockĀ®; models. The ZEV front sight is slimmer than a standard factory sight. The sight takes less time to install than it does to remove the factory front sight.

ZEV designed their Target Style Combat Rear Sight to be used with one of the many front sights available for Glock factory replacement. They are an excellent and cost-effective upgrade to any GLOCK. The Target Style - Combat Rear Sight comes ready to install.