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TechWell PCC Magwell Quarter Circle 10 & F1 Lowers

Product ID: TWQC10-F1

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TechWell PCC Techwell: Quarter Circle 10, F1, and Tennessee Arms Tac-9 Lowers (for 9mm Glock Mags)

Three Patents Pending Lightning-Fast Mag Changes. 60 Second Slide-On, One Screw Installation. Requires no gunsmithing, or alterations to the receiver. 3/32" Hex Wrench included.
Made from super slippery, super durable, Acetyl Delrin. Easy to file off the slight wear over time even for the daily dry-firer.
For Glock Mags
SPECS: Acetyl Delrin. Weight 2.95 Oz.
Stock Colors: Black only (for now)

This one is a little special because the screw, while positioned in the best place, is bit of a pain to get to, so we figured out a quick trick: Carefully align the screw into its hole with the screw in hex in place, then give it a light tap or two with whatever is handy, then carefully and gently with very little pressure get the first few turns into place, et voila, the rest is easy. One more thing, this screw's only job is to keep the Techwell securely in place fore/aft, so no downward pressure is necessary, just screw down until the head touches the bottom and you're there!
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