Speed Shooters International SSI

SVI Magazine Followers

Look to this Infinity product to give you the advantage of expanded capacity - so important to an IPSC competitor. Available in five different calibers/models, the Infinity followers are manufactured for both standard and competition 1911's for standard capacity and competition +1

Available in:
Standard Stock Capacity .38/9mm (Purple)
Standard Stock Capacity .40 S&W (Green)
Standard Capacity .45 ACP (Black)
+1 Capacity .38/9mm (Blue)
+1 Capacity .40 S&W (Red)


SVI Magazine Follower - Standard .38/9mm
Product ID: SVI238
SVI Magazine Follower - Standard .40 S&W
Product ID: SVI240
SVI Magazine Follower - Standard .45 ACP
Product ID: SVI245
SVI Magazine Follower +1 Capacity .38/9mm (Blue)
Product ID: SVI238C
SVI Magazine Follower +1 Capacity .40 S&W (Red)
Product ID: SVI240C

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