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SVI Hi-Capacity Stainless Steel Magazines

Infinity offers one of the broadest lines of magazines and replacement tubes in the industry. Manufactured from 410 stainless steel using a process control system, Infinity tubes are among the finest in the industry. Infinity employs a proprietary process that polishes both the interior and exterior of each tube to a high gloss. Not only does this process add to the appearance, it improves the performance of the tubes by reducing rough spots or imperfections in the tube walls.

Available in 113mm, 124mm, 140mm, and 170mm length magazines.

Note: These are the latest dimenision SV magazines and mag tubes. Please be aware that the new design has slight modifications which does not effect pistols with original SV dimensions. If you plan on using these mag tubes or magazines in pistols other than SV then you may need gunsmithing modifications be applied for these magazines to function properly. The buyer most become aware of possible gunsmithing modifications and assumes all responsibilities prior to purchase.

ATTENTION: Please do not attempt to purchase large capacity magazines or tubes if you reside in a location where you may not legally posses them (California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York) please check laws for your state.

SV Hi-Cap 124mm +2 Magazine .45 ACP
Product ID: SV45126
SV Hi-Cap 124mm +2 Magazine 40 S&W
Product ID: SV16
SV Hi-Cap 124mm +2 Magazine 9mm/38super
Product ID: SV28126
SV Hi-Cap 140mm magazine .45 ACP
Product ID: SV45140

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SV Hi-Cap 140mm magazine 40 S&W
Product ID: SV1940
SV Hi-Cap 140mm magazine 9mm/38super
Product ID: SV2138
SV Hi-Cap 170mm magazine 9mm/38super
Product ID: SV28170