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STI TruBore T-2 Barrel/Comp

ATTENTION: STI Product is not available for purchase overseas, please do not order if you are outside of the U.S.

STI TruBore T-2 - 9mm or .355 barrel with S-2 Compensator Wilson / Nowlin cut
STI barrels are made from 416R rife grade stainless steel billet forgings. The bore is gun drilled, button rifled, then air gauged to offer the most exacting size, and most consistent barrel available. The rifling is 1 in 16 twist and has six lands and grooves. The barrels are vacuum heat treated and vacuum tempered to 40 Rockwell, then machined to exacting specifications. The barrels are short chambered to allow gunsmiths to cut the chamber to their application.

STI TruBore T-2 Barrel/Comp - .355 Short Chamber
Product ID: STITB2-355
STI TruBore T-2 Barrel/Comp - .38 Super
Product ID: STITB2-38

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STI TruBore T-2 Barrel/Comp - 9x19
Product ID: STITB2-9

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