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Safariland 771 Roller Pouch

The Model 771 Open Front Magazine Pouch features two tensioning screws on the back side of the holder that allow adjustment on the middle and end of the magazine. Its open front design keeps the index finger from touching the holder during reload, assuring the fastest reload possible. The 771 is adjustable to any angle within a 90° range.

Specifications and Features:
- 2 sets of tension screws threaded through plastic rollers
- Open Front Design
- STX Tactical in Matte Black Finish
- Fits 1.50" belt

Safariland 771 Pouch - Glock 17/34,H&K VP9,XDM9/40
Product ID: SFR771-83-121-150
Safariland 771 Pouch- Glock 17/34,HK VP9-Left Hand
Product ID: SFR771-83-122-150
Safariland 771 Roller Pouch - 1911
Product ID: SFR771-53-121-150
Safariland 771 Roller Pouch - Caspian Hi-Capacity
Product ID: SFR771-950-121-150
Safariland 771 Roller Pouch - STI/SV/Para
Product ID: SFR771-850-121-150
Safariland 771 Roller Pouch - STI/SV/Para (Left)
Product ID: SFR771-850-122-150
Safariland 771 Roller Pouch - XD/P226/92F/EAA 9mm
Product ID: SFR771-76-121-150