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AFTEC Advanced Competition Extractor

AFTEC Advanced Competition Extractor are made from high quality alloy steel. Instead of using spring steel like all the others. This extractors use long lasting coil springs to provide consistent and reliable performance for competition and self-defense 1911/2011 Style Pistols.

AFTEC Advanced Extractor - .40 S&W
Product ID: ACE-03

Out of Stock

AFTEC Advanced Extractor - .45 ACP
Product ID: ACE-04
AFTEC Advanced Extractor - 38 Super
Product ID: ACE-00
AFTEC Advanced Extractor - 9 MM/.38 Super Comp
Product ID: ACE-01
AFTEC Modular Extractor Spring
Product ID: ACE-05
AFTEC Modular Spring Cap
Product ID: ACE-02

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