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Allchin Scope Mount for C-more

Unique integrated blast deflector shield keeps the C-More lens free from smoke build up and debris from the compensator. The single sided design prevents interference with ejection. Accepts C-More Railway or Slide Ride models. Light weight slotted aluminum or no lightening slotted holes, mounting hole pattern is C-More on both versions. Pre-Drilled Allchin Scope Mounts include a Thumb Aid, 3 Screws to Attach Thumb Aid and 5 Mounting Screws.

Available in: Pre-Drilled w/Holes, Pre-Drilled Solid and Solid No Holes

Allchin Scope Mount - C-more - No Holes Solid
Product ID: JA1-SLD
Allchin Scope Mount - C-more - Pre-Drilled Solid
Product ID: JA1-DNH

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Allchin Scope Mount - C-more - Pre-Drilled w/Holes
Product ID: JA1-DWH

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