Speed Shooters International SSI

ISMI Chrome Silicon Alloy 1911 Magazine Springs

ISMI magazine springs are wound from certified aerospace specification chrome silicon alloy. Post winding procession includes heat treat/stress relieve. Manufacturing processes and proprietary design features provide enhanced performance and reliability. ISMI magazine springs are designed for extended use, magazines can be kept loaded for long periods of time with little or no loss of spring pressures.

• ISM-SSCSS: For use in 1911 single-stack, 8 round .45 ACP and 10 round .38 Super magazines. (approx. 0.425" side to side)

• ISM-SSCSS-2: For use with plastic and metal followers that require a narrow magazine spring. 7 or 8 round capacity depending on follower. (approx. 0.350" side to side)

• ISM-SS10: For use in 10 round .45 ACP magazines. Do not use with Wilson Combat plastic followers.

ISM Magazine Spring - 1911 - 10-rd
Product ID: ISM-SS10
ISM Magazine Spring - 1911 - 8-rd
Product ID: ISM-SSCS
ISM Narrow Magazine Spring - 1911 - 8-rd
Product ID: ISM-SSCS-2