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Henning Witness Match Target Sight Set

Product ID: H-KT01


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The iFiber is a High Quality Fiber Optic Post made in 4140 steel in a Black Ionbond finish. It is a professional front sight for those who want a slightly narrower and taller sight than the factory fiber option. The Tanfoglio Match Fixed Target Rear Sight feature a 20 degree undercut blade which provides an optimal black rear sight reference. In most sun light conditions you will quickly pick up your front sight against this black rear sight specifically designed for target shooting. We designed this set to be zeroed at 15 yards, shooting 1-2" high at 25 yards. Installs easily and attaches with two large 8-32 set screws.

Front Sight Measurements are 0.095" wide by 0.180" tall.
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