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Guga Ribas Ccompetition Belt System

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In a competition, attention to detail is extremely important for the Practical Shooting athlete's performance. The GR belt was designed with this in mind.

The equipment has an inner light steel structure lined in nylon and is less bulky and more comfortable for the athlete. This structure withstands the weight of the pistol, loaders and accessories to guarantee stability when drawing the gun and assuring the athlete his/her best possible performance.

PLEASE NOTE: This Guga Ribas Competition Belt System measure 1.6-inches in width and will only work with holsters, pouches and accessories that use an adjustable belt width loop or an adjustable belt bracket!

Please make sure that you review the OBL (Overall Belt Length) Size Chart for your appropriate waist size.

OBL Size Chart:
30-32" waist uses a 40" OBL 100cm
34-36" waist uses a 43" OBL 110cm
36-40" waist uses a 47" OBL 120cm
40-44" waist uses a 51" OBL 130cm
44-48" waist uses a 55" OBL 140cm
48-52" waist uses a 59" OBL 150cm

Note: Some belts may not have the Guga Ribas logo on the belt keeper.

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Guga Ribas Competition Belt System - 40 inch OBL
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Guga Ribas Competition Belt System - 51 inch OBL
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Guga Ribas Competition Belt System - 59 inch OBL
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