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Guga Ribas Magnetic Magazine Pouches

The Guga Ribas Magnetic Magazine Pouches have the sames strength and durability characteristics of GE001 GR holster and the GE002 Magazine Pouch. Also keep in mind that this product is ambidextrous.

• Product ID: GR-FMA - Frontal Magnetic Attachment is designed to attach to the backside of the GE002 Magazine Pouch.

• Product ID: GR-LMP - Lateral Magnetic Pouch is designed to be attached directly to your belt.

*The GR Magnetic Magazine Pouch has a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defaults. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product, therefore it is important for the customer to contact us so we can evaluate each individual case. Contact: contact@gugaribas.com.br

Note: GE002 Magazine Pouch not included.

Guga Ribas Lateral Magnetic Pouch - Black
Product ID: GR-LMP

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