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EGW X-Long Ejectors

The EGW Extra Long Ejector is longer than normal at both ends and does require fitting.

The back end is made longer to allow for easy blending with many different manufacturers' slides and frames.
This eliminates the need to blend the slide or frame down to match the ejector.

The front end is extended to allow the gunsmith to set the length and contact point they prefer.
Our ejectors are ideal for use with problem guns that kick brass back in the shooter's face, and also help race guns eject under scope mounts reliably.

This ejector helps race guns eject under scope mounts more reliably than the OEM ejector.

EGW X-Long Ejector - .45 - Blue
Product ID: EGW10000
EGW X-Long Ejector - .45 - Stainless Steel
Product ID: EGW10012
EGW X-Long Ejector - 9mm/.38/.40 - Blue
Product ID: EGW10011
EGW X-Long Ejector - 9mm/.38/.40 - Stainless Steel
Product ID: EGW10010