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Double Alpha Racer Holster

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The New DAA Racer Holster lies the same innovative patent-pending mechanism that makes the Race Master stand head and shoulders above the competition. But what the Race Master achieves with interchangeable Delrin inserts inside an aluminum housing, the Racer does with no housing at all. Same peak-performance, driven results, but without the high costs of machining.

DAA reduced costs further by eliminating the large external tension adjustment knob, which many deemed unnecessary, and set the tension to light (this can be adjusted internally for the users preference). The same locking system allows the DAA Racer Holster to hold the pistol by only its trigger guard, just as steady and secure as the Race Master does, and the same spring loaded safety is conveniently positioned in the rear of the holster, where it can be easily and swiftly accessed on the draw.

Where other manufactures go to plastic to reduce costs on their hanger - DAA did not. They believe that one of the most important features in a competition holster is the ability to position it just right for the user, and then to lock it up rock solid on the shooting belt.

DAA redesigned the hanger to reduce costs, however it remains an all aluminum structure and utilizes the same ball-joint design that the Race Master uses. In fact, the new hanger with the round vertical rod offers an even wider range of adjustment than the Race Master's system.

The DAA Racer Holster is shipped with a detachable thigh pad, which pivots within a range of aprx. 40 degrees to mould itself to the thigh as the shooter moves, reducing movement of the holster and increasing comfort.

The belt hanger is again a variation of the successful Race Master design, just made narrower and lighter. Our now familiar minimalist steel locking plates on the inside, allow the user to maintain good contact between the inner and outer shooting belt.

The entire holster weighs in at just 230grams (8.11oz.) making it the lightest race holster on the market!

Available in a black body only, the holster projects a splash of color and elegance by adding a laser-cut side plate.

NOTE: Springfield XD/XDM is available in Black Only.

Side plate is available in:
.Blue - Out of Stock
.Red - Out of Stock
.Silver - Out of Stock

* Tanfoglio,1911,STI,STI Left, Glock Left, and CZ SP01 - Out of Stock

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