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Saul Kirsch's - Thinking Practical Shooting Book

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A New Book by Saul Kirsch

In this, his second book, Saul shares with his readers 20 years of competition experience and know-how. His unique background, first as an Olympic rifle shooter and then as a Practical shooting competitor, gives him a profound understanding of the key elements required to excel under the pressure of competition.

Topics include:
The basic elements of IPSC
Accuracy and recoil control
Understanding IPSC scoring
The mental process of performance
The champion's attitude
Visualization techniques
Mental games played
Goal setting and training programs
The shooting diary
Match preparation
Physical training for IPSC
Match day nutrition
Preparing your gear for competition
Stage Tactics and match tactics

Each topic contains detailed insights into the attitudes and techniques critical to success. Each drill is explained in depth - how to shoot, what you learn and how to keep track of your progress and learning curve.

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