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CK Arms Beavertail Grip Plug

Product ID: CKA-BGP

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The CK Arms Beavertail Grip Plug is used to replace the .250" radius grip safety in the 1911/2011 platform. It is a trapped design so it does not move or pivot when installed which eliminates the need to pin the beavertail. Many competition shooters realize that the high grip achieved in more modern 1911 grip and frame designs can often make it difficult to adequately depress the grip safety. This part is a drop in replacement (often needs no blending) that solves this issue. They are machined from hardened 416 stainless steel.

NOTE: This is not a functioning safety. It never was and never will be. When installing this part the consumer understands this, and CK Arms or any of its subsidies are free from liability of the use of this part.
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