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Dillon's HP2 Non-Electronic Ear Protectors

Dillon's HP2 Non- Electronic Hearing Protectors are available in both Black and Blue. The Dillon HP2 Folding Hearing Protector is comfortable to wear for extended periods and folds for easy storage when not in use.

Replacement ear pads and acoustic foam inserts are available in kit form for the Dillon HP2 Non-Electronic Hearing Protector. If necessary, ear pads can be removed by simply unsnapping them from the ear protector cup. To reinstall ear pad, insert one end of the ear-pad base under the edge of the ear cup, hold it in place, then follow the edge around, pressing it into the ear cup as you go.

Product Description:

Protection rating NRR 21
Extra-deep,replaceable ear pads

Dillon's HP2 Non-Electronic Ear Protectors - Black
Product ID: CEDHP2-BLK
Dillon's HP2 Non-Electronic Ear Protectors - Blue
Product ID: CEDHP2-BLU
Dillon's HP2 Replacement Hygiene Kit
Product ID: HPK2