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Speed Shooter Int'l ACCU-LOK Reverse Plugs

The SSI ACCU-LOK Reverse Plugs are designed to give you the ultimate barrel support needed to achieve the best accuracy your 1911/2011 is capable of. These stainless steel reverse plugs are oversized and need to be fitted by a qualified gunsmith.

Available in both a Flange version which is basically used for bushing type barrels and a Hybrid version that comes in a Government length and a Commander length. The Hybrid versions are mainly used for bull barrels and require a Reverse Plug Cut in the slide in order for it to be fitted.

SSI ACCU-LOK Reverse Plug - Hybrid Commander
Product ID: CCL4HC
SSI ACCU-LOK Reverse Plug - Hybrid Government
Product ID: CCL4HG
SSI ACCU-LOK-Reverse Plug - Flange
Product ID: CCL4

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