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Brazos Lighting Rod Kimber/Novak - 0.200T

Product ID: BCG40-060-20


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The longest, brightest fiber optic sight on the market. Comes with red 0.060" diameter fiber optic insert and includes three inches of each red, green, and yellow replacement fiber optic rod.

Kimber/Novak dovetail cut is 0.330x0.075x65 degrees. Center of dovetail is 0.320 back from front of slide. The 0.200 height is generally used with an adjustable rear sight on a flat-topped slide. If your slide has not been flat-topped, the 0.175" height will likely be better. For a fixed rear sight, measure the highest point of your current front sight (side closest to you) and select the sight with the height closest to this measurement

Replacement for SKU: BC40-063

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