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Brazos Lightning Rod Manny Dot Front Sight STI/SVI

Product ID: BCG40-056


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Designed in collaboration with USPSA Champion Emanuel "Manny" Bragg, the MannyDot offers the brightest fiber optic sight with the narrowest post. The top of the post is a narrow 0.070" wide. It then flares down to 0.100" wide at the base to provide added strength. The fiber optic is recessed behind this serrated post to create a precise 0.040" diameter dot which is located as close to the top of the post as possible, thus, allowing you to use the dot as an aiming point. The MannyDot pairs especially well with the Wilson adjustable rear sight with the 0.090" wide notch.

This sight is meant to be a replacement for the STI/SV factory sight with standard dovetail cut (0.300x0.060x60 degrees). Center of dovetail is 0.250 back from front of slide. Available in 0.180 height. The dovetail is slightly oversized to allow for a tight fit. Comes with red 0.040" diameter fiber optic insert and includes three inches of each red, green, and yellow replacement fiber optic rod. Additional fiber optic replacement rods available.

Foreign Sales:
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