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Brazo ZigRacker Slide Racker

The ZigRacker makes racking the slide quick and easy. It is CNC machined from barstock stainless steel for a precise fit, and a sleek polished look - it not only adds function but looks cool too. Clean installation is achieved by using a dovetail cut that does not cross the entire slide. Detents in the slide are cut in the same setup as the dovetail for precise fit. Two ball detents on the underside of the part ensure firm installation yet still enable you to simply pull the part out when disassembling the gun.

Available in both a left and right-handed version. The "right" model is for right-handed shooters and extends out the left side of the slide. Conversely, the "left" model is for left-handed shooters and extends out the right side of the slide.

*** Slide must be machined to accept slide racker. Instructions are included. ***

Brazos ZigRacker Slide Racker - Left Handed
Product ID: BCG20-155LT
Brazos ZigRacker Slide Racker - Right Handed
Product ID: BCG20-155RT

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