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Ed Brown Stainless Wide Machined Extended Safety

Product ID: B891-M


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The most ergonomic and attractive thumb safety on the market! Widest design 1/4" levers for "high thumb" shooting style, wider than any of it's competitors. This allows the shooter to rest the thumb on top of the safety as Jeff Cooper and others recommend. Shaped for shooting comfort, the lever is angled slightly to keep the thumb from contacting the slide and has a double angle to fit the thumb perfectly. May be custom trimmed to any slimmer proportions with no loss of style or function, or you can purchase the tactical version, which is already trimmed. Also available in a fully machined version for unbeatable quality and no chance of warpage or porosity. Designed for all 1911 type frames and made from high quality steel. Requires minor gunsmith fitting for safe operation and includes complete instructions.
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