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Dawson Precision 2.7 oz. Ice Magwell - 1911

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The Dawson Precision 2.7 oz. Ice Magwell dominates Action Shooting, and if you shoot a single stack, now you can find out why. The "Replaceable Ice Insert" is fast and forgiving. The super slick insert slides and glides the magazine right in, reducing missed reloads. Time is everything in Action Shooting and a blown reload can cost you a match, so why not have an advantage? The "Ice Advantage". Dawson Precision "KEY LOCKS" the 1911 ICE Magwell to our special checkered Mainspring Housing, both CNC machined to precision tolerances. Grip is solid and improved because of ergonomic design. Easy to install with tools and instructions included. Available in Silver or Tactical Black. The profile is not too bulky and great for LE, carry or any shooter looking for a "SLICK as ICE" 1911 Single Stack reload. The steel Mainspring Housing w/Magwell and Insert Weigh 2.7 oz. Wanna try the No-Gap Ice Magwell? It's as easy as changing the insert! The only difference between the Standard and No-Gap 1911 Ice magwell is the insert!

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Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Arched 2.7 oz Black No Gap
Product ID: AD010-059

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Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Arched 2.7 oz Black w/Gap
Product ID: AD010-053

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