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Dawson Ice Magwell - 1911 - Flat

Dawson Precision Magwell-Ice for 1911, Single Stack with Gap and No Gap Insert Flat Aluminum Mainspring Housing, Aluminum, 1.5 oz and 2.7 oz

This DP 1911 Flat ICE MAGWELL continues to evolve. You spoke and we listened. In the past, 1911 magazines were stopped by a tang in front that rested against a relief in the front of the frame. Hey, it's worked for 100 years, but that required magwells to be open in front, to allow the mag to seat fully.

This made the front of the magwell not very forgiving during a speed reload. So we redesigned the whole system. This new insert fills the front gap with a super slick polymer that is "very" forgiving. Now you can have 360 degrees to funnel your 1911 mag into perfect position for consistent, blazing-fast reloads.

No, you don't have to buy a new magwell, just pop out the standard DP 1911 Ice Insert and pop in the new DP 1911 Magwell Insert w/o Front Relief. The only difference between the Standard and No-Gap 1911 Ice magwells is this insert!
All great things come at a price so we had to design a 1911 mag and basepads that exceeded the limits of all conventional design. We took it to a whole 'nother level!

Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Flat 1.5 oz Black No Gap
Product ID: AD010-082
Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Flat 1.5 oz Black w/ Gap
Product ID: AD010-078
Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Flat 1.5 oz Silver No Gap
Product ID: AD010-081
Dawson Ice Magwell 1911 Flat 1.5 oz Silver w/ Gap
Product ID: AD010-077

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