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Quinn III C-More Mount

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The Quinn Mount by Quinn Engineering leads the revolution of the "sideways mounted C-More." We were the first, and still are the best option for this type of sight mounting. I are pleased to have teamed up with Saul Kirsch and Double Alpha Academy. He is an honorable man and chose to come to me and see if he could work a deal where we would both profit and not swipe intellectual property. Saul had the idea of an integrated option for a thumb-rest/pedal. I thought it was a great idea and had thought about working with another company, but he was willing to go for it and I think he carried it off functionally and with style. The new Quinn III mount is manufactured by DAA and is the latest word in C-More mounting technology and design. The mount is machined from top-grade extruded aluminum to the tightest tolerances for a precise drop-on fit. A newly designed integrated adjustable thumb rest paddle has been added. The paddle can be fitted in any of 15 positions (3 horizontal options and 5 angle options for each), or can be left off entirely.

The mount is available now in Black and Aluminum SILVER, and includes laser engraved logos. It comes with mounting holes. Available for 2011 models.

NOTE: The mounting screws will need to be fit for length.
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