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GoGun Gas Pedal Racer's Cut - Black

Product ID: GPR1B

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The Fastest way to shoot, period.
Chris Tilley's favorite model
Less dot movement
Excellent return to zero
FULLY opposable grip-4 Axis control
Perfect, strong, REAPEATABLE high grip every time
The Highest grip, closest to bore axis available.
Will automatically position your hand for best effect
Anatomically correct for small to large hands.
Approximately triples your grip force*
Enhances the shooter/gun interaction to improve rhythm**
Trade Dress Signature Monolithic Wing aids performance
Auto Windage Control
15 years of refinement by GM, M, and A shooters and Sports Medical Physician M.D.
Aircraft aluminum CNC billet made Battle Tough
Does not require removal for disassembly
Patents Pending***
Racer Cut has same width as Doc's original but profile has less height
Suitable for those that want higher pressure proprioception
Available in Machined Aluminum, Black, and Black with Grit finishes.

GoGun Gas Pedal Racer's Cut - Milled Aluminum with Black Finish, fits over scope mount
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