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Dawson Precision Basepad Grip Tape

Product ID: DPBPGT



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This Ultra-aggressive grip tape aids in reloads. The non-slip surface will help you maintain contact with your mag's basepad as you quickly guide it into your gun. You can also keep track of which mags you're using. In competition, if one mag is giving you trouble, you can easily tell which one it is by the bold number on the grip tape. Always use the same magazines in order and if one malfunctions, take that number out of rotation and finish the match. Then, when you get home, grab the problem mag and get 'er fixed up.

The DP Grip Tape will fit all DP STI +1, +1+, +2 and 9mm Basepads. All DP basepad grip tape have a Logo and and are numbered 0-5 or 6-11. Come in sets of 6. Magazine and Basepad are Not Included.

Available in:
Black * 0-5 - Out of Stock
Blue * 0-5 - Out of Stock
Dark Blue * 0-5 Out of Stock
Red * 0-5 - Out of Stock
Fluorescent Yellow * Out of Stock
Glow in Dark
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