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CED 7000 PRO Shot Timer

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The new CED7000PRO offers all the bells and whistles that we have come to expect of a top-of-the-line Shot Timer and so much more!

This new timer offers an ROF (Rate of Fire) tool that will clock full-auto rates of fire or just gauge how fast you can shoot your semi-auto. It offers a shot counter that keeps a record of how many rounds you shoot in a practice session, or in a whole season.

The CED7000PRO has a full color matrix LCD display, a customized quality keypad, aluminum front case, and a wide range of accessories. It even provides a "Simple Mode" option to make all these complex tools vanish, leaving only the basic delay and Par settings for those who like it "Old School"...

Like its predecessor, this new timer offers an optional add-on RF module that allows transmission of data to the CED BigBoard and CED Time Keeper. If that was not enough, the CED7000PRO is also the very first multilingual timer in the world, offering 5 different languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French.

But, beyond all of these features, lies the real magic! The CED7000PRO is a fully functional match computer, allowing you to score and view results directly on the shooting line, and for up to 1,500 competitors!

You can create your own match on the timer itself or opt for the easier solution of using the dedicated website we have created: www.ced7000pro.com or WinMSS, to create your match data.

You can view stage and match results, verify lists directly on the timer's color display, or upload results from the timer to a PC and view them on the computer,, allowing you the option of printing or emailing results to all!

The CED7000PRO is truly a revolutionary product, which will change the way we shoot and score IPSC, USPSA, and Steel matches forever!
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